Key Personnel


Jack P. Miller, P.E.


Jack Miller, managing principal of R. G. Miller Engineers, specializes in the design and completion of master planned communities, as well as the complete development of unimproved land …

Andrew M. Paderanga, P.E.

Vice President

Andrew Paderanga, a principal of R.G. Miller Engineers, specializes in planning, designing and managing land and site specific development projects, utility district projects and GIS systems…


Jason L. Johnson, P.E.

Team Leader

Jason Johnson, an associate principal with R.G. Miller Engineers & Team Leader for the Land Development Department, specializes…

Justin Wagner P.E.

Justin Wagner, P.E.

Team Leader

Justin Wagner,Team Leader for the Land Development Department, which specializes in all aspects of engineering planning and design, construction management, project management, and the coordination of master planned land development projects.

Todd Elston, P.E.

Team Leader

Todd Elston, Team Leader for the Land Development Department, is responsible for designing civil engineering and related projects for master planned communities, roadway design and public utilities, and for municipal utility district management.

Bob Boozer, P.E.

Team Leader

Bob Boozer, P.E., a Team Leader in the Land and Site Development Departments, specializes in commercial site and residential subdivision work, along with public infrastructure projects.


Michael Golding, CFM, LEED Associate

Team Leader

Michael Golding,  Team Leader for the Site Development Department, is responsible for permitting, floodplain management, grading, drainage, low impact development…

Michael Bloom

Michael F. Bloom, P.E., ENV. SP, CFM, BCEE

Department Manager

Michael Bloom specializes in helping clients enhance the economic, social, and environmental outcomes of their projects…


David R. Kubala, P.E.

Department Manager

David Kubala is manager of the Public Works Department, which specializes in managing and designing civil engineering and related projects for municipalities…

Patrick J. Ross, P.E.

Patrick J. Ross, P.E.

Department Manager

Patrick Ross, manager of the Transportation/Traffic Department,has more than 25 years of experience in designing and directing transportation projects, beginning at the California Department …