Atlas Tubular Pipe Mill Factory

Atlas Tubular Pipe Mill Factory

Project Description

Landev Engineers worked closely with architectural firm Powers Brown and A&F Contractors in the development of an 80-acre Atlas Tubular Pipe Mill Facility. The master plan included the development of an additional 105 acres to accommodate the growing facility. The development was constructed as a design-build project, therefore permitting was a critical path. Landev Engineers provided the contractor with a rough grading plan, including a rough grading permit, to expedite the civil components of the project while construction permits were being finalized.


Another key component of the project was the extensive coordination between Landev Engineers and theHarris County Flood Control District in order to minimize impacts to Greens Bayou. An on-site detention basin was designed to attenuate the 100-year storm event by using an earthen berm to minimize impacts to the surrounding forested land.


In addition to the detention basin, an on-site pond was designed to provide fire protection. The pond is kept full during rainfall events. All runoff is direct to the fire protection pond through approximately 8,000 linear feet of swale before over topping a weir structure into the onsite detention basin. Only 480 linear feet of reinforced box culverts were used in the design, providing cost savings for the owner. Vegetative strips were used for the storm water quality feature. Being a design-build project, the client was anxious to complete the facilities in the shortest time frame. Landev Engineers was able to deliver plans and permits for the contractor to have the facility built and operational just over 1 year after being authorized.

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Date March 23, 2022 Categories Author RG Miller