Borusan Mannesmann US Pipe Mill Facility

Borusan Mannesmann US Pipe Mill Facility

Project Description

Borusan Mannesmann is a global leader in steel pipe production for a variety of industries, including oil and gas drilling and transmission, with a current production of around 1 million tons of pipe products. In 2013, Borusan Mannesmann expanded its manufacturing operations to the U.S. with a steel plant in Chambers County Improvement District No. 1. As the District Engineer for Chambers County Improvement District No. 1, Landev Engineers (a Binkley & Barfield company) designed the Phase I civil construction drawings for Borusan Mannesman. The design included improvements to 80 acres including water line, sanitary line, railroad, paving, and drainage. The Phase I design provided access, drainage, and utilities for future development of an additional 55 acres.


The civil components included a looped fire line with multiple metered connections to the seven buildings totaling approximately 350,000 square feet. The buildings were positioned to maximize efficiency in Borusan Mannesmann’s pipe milling process and to allow for multimodal transportation on-site. The transportation included fork lifts, vehicular, and rail traffic. The site design limited storm sewer by maximizing sheet flow across the 40 acres of crushed limestone laydown yard. Erosion control measures were designed to prevent the degradation of the crushed limestone during rainfall events. The drainage components were designed to convey the 100-year storm off-site to a regional detention facility that was designed by Landev Engineers. The drainage channel components total approximately 6,000 linear feet. The project design started in early 2013, and the facility was up and running by mid 2014.

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Date March 23, 2022 Categories Author RG Miller