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Public Sector and Government Clients

Our public sector clients want to invest wisely in infrastructure to cost-effectively enhance the quality of life for their citizens, serve as good stewards of the local environment, and promote economic vitality. Our sustainability practice helps our clients enhance all three of these elements to maximize their triple bottom line. We apply planning, science, and engineering to enhance our client’s triple bottom line. We help our clients do the right infrastructure project the right way.

Services Include

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Assesments

  • Project Planning and Recognition under the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision Rating System

  • Best Management Practices Performance Studies

  • Wastewater Permitting and Pretreatment Studies

  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permitting and Compliance

  • Stormwater Quality Design Criteria Development

  • Wetland / Stream Assessments and Delineations

  • Wetland and Stream, Permitting and Mitigation

  • Stormwater and Surface Water Quality Monitoring Studies

  • Stormwater Quality Audits and Inspections
  • Drainage Utility Revenue

  • Water Reuse

  • Water Conservation
  • Infrastructure Impact Fee Studies

  • Total Maximum Daily Load Development and Implementation

  • Expert Witness and Testimony Services

Private and Land Development Clients

Our private clients want to meet market demand and meet or exceed return on investment goals for their shareholders and investors. Sustainability considerations are frequently helping project sponsors meet market demand for “green” projects and to achieve higher profitability. We apply our skills to help our clients reduce infrastructure costs, reduce land development detention requirements, enhance quality of life and amenity features, and conserve resources. These efforts lead to higher profits, enhanced land utilization, and faster income via faster sales.

Services Include

Private clients

  • Natural Site Land Planning

  • Natural Drainage System Planning and Design (Low Impact Development)

  • Stormwater Quality Management Plans

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Water Reuse

  • Expert Witness and Testimony Services

  • Wastewater Permitting

  • Industrial Stormwater Quality Management

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Assesments

  • Wetland delineations / Assessments and streams

  • Wetland / Stream Assessments and Delineations